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Automotive Fabrication

Glenmore Hane fine-limit sheet metal fabrication has many years of experience in automotive part fabrication and historically, part chassis making too. Britain has an esteemed heritage, and future in car automotive and vehicle development be it major marque, niche utility, sports and supercars to Formula 1 and military vehicles of which we are proud to be part of.

Specialist parts

Our capabilities include material selection specification, fibre laser cutting, CNC laser and punch press and forming, precision folding, welding and finishing e.g. anodising, wet painting, powder coating including specialist coatings to stringent military and defence specific standards.

Automotive Part Finishing

Our precision sheet metal fabrication and finishing experience is comprehensive from electronic and scientific enclosures, through to marine, aerospace and automotive applications. We are proud to help our customers in automotive sheet metal fabrication weigh less, go faster, go further and, help save people's lives.

Welding Supplies

Whatever the welding or joining problem we have the solution! By combining over 60 years of welding equipment and consumable technology experience, we have come up with a website that not only offers a comprehensive range of welding equipment and support products but is also user friendly. We want to aid clients and users to find what is required to complete any welding or joining project.

Quality Assurance

Our manufacturers and suppliers operate ISO9001:2000 quality-assurance systems and have been approved to these standards for many years.

Welding Equipment

We understand that welding equipment is of no use unless we also provide the welding materials/consumables to go with it.