Welcome to Dspeed.ca

At Dspeed.ca , we thrive on challenges. Our motto is simple: “We can do what others can’t.” When standard solutions fall short, and your vehicle requires expertise beyond the ordinary, we’re here to fill that void.

Our Expertise

Explore our comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique automotive needs:

Welding Mastery: From MIG to TIG, and stainless steel to titanium, our skilled technicians excel in precision welding for all types of metals.

Fabrication Excellence: Need custom exhaust systems, intercoolers, or engine/transmission brackets? Our fabrication specialists have you covered. We also specialize in frame repair for older vehicles.

Electrical Wizardry: Trust us for custom wiring solutions, accurate diagnostics, and seamless installations of accessories like lights and air horns. We also handle trailer wiring with precision.

Custom Pipe Bending: With capabilities up to 3 inches, we can create bespoke pipe bends to suit your specific requirements.

Mandrel Exhaust Systems: Experience the difference with our mandrel exhaust systems, engineered for optimal performance and durability.
Performance Enhancements: Elevate your vehicle’s performance with our expertly crafted performance exhaust solutions.

Custom Air Conditioning: Whether it’s design, build, or installation, count on us for tailor-made air conditioning systems to keep you cool on the road. We’re also your trusted partners for refrigerated vehicle repairs.